About the artists

The sculpture 1055113200 and software text-ile was led by Molly Morin and Nikki Stevens and supported by incredible team of undergraduate and graduate students at Dartmouth College.

Molly Morin

Molly Morin (she/her) is an artist working in sculpture and digital media. Morin has given invited lectures at the Center for Research Computing at the University of Notre Dame, The Society for Science, Literature and the Arts, and the National Academy of Science. She has exhibited nationally and internationally including solo exhibitions at The Collaboratory at UC Santa Barbara, Wittenberg University, Lamar University, the University of Dallas, and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. She was a 2020 Utah Visual Arts Fellow and her work is included in the state’s Alice Merrill Horne collection.

Morin’s work teases out long held cultural assumptions influenced by Enlightenment logics that we accept as true, neutral and necessary, and explores ways in which recent advances in computation can amplify and extend power imbalances already present in social, political and art-world systems. Her sculptures and drawings are often poetic physical embodiments of data sets and algorithms in diverse media. Her practice includes fabric manipulation, felting, machine knitting, machine-cut plastic, machine drawing, generative drawing, performative drawing, projection, animation, data visualization, and physical computing in which interactions between media are experimental and their boundaries are constantly shifting. Her recent work draws on her experience as a competitive weightlifter and coach to explore issues around gender, power and agency.

Learn more at www.mollymorin.com

Nikki Stevens

Dr. Nikki Stevens (they/them) is a software engineer, open-source contributor and community leader, and critical technology researcher. They have a PhD in Science and Technology Studies from Arizona State University, which they took after a career in the tech industry. Stevens researches the ways that systems of oppression, like white supremacy and transphobia, are both foundational to and recreated within data modeling and database creation practices. They are currently writing a book tentatively titled Modeling Abolition: Building a New World from The Data of the Old.

Learn more at www.nikkistevens.com

Dartmouth Students

Michael Crockett, programmer and sprite design

Leonardo Bueno, programmer and sprite design

Xiaoyu Wei, programmer and sprite design

Eva Hymes, weaver and loom engineering

Sourjyamoy Barman, loom engineering and sprite design

Schuni Mutalenu, weaver and sprite design

Yvonne Chen, weaver